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Find Books in UCT Libraries

Use UCT Libraries' catalogue (Aleph) to search for books in UCT's Libraries. For details on how to get the most out of your search, go to the Aleph guide.

This video explains how the location numbers work.



​​Books are useful sources of information:

1. Reference Works

The purpose of these sources is to answer short questions, provide background information, and help you find other sources.


  • Good starting points for research, particularly in unfamiliar topic areas (disciplinary handbooks, subject encyclopedias)
  • Good sources for quick facts, contact information, or statistics (almanacs, directories)
  • Good for discovering new vocabularies (dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias)
  • Provide lists of information sources on a topic (indexes, bibliographies)

2. Books


  • Broad overviews of topics (text books are especially good for this)
  • Long enough to explore more ideas in more depth

The CQ University Library (Australia) has published this useful guide, which contains some insights into when to use books, journal articles and websites.